The Art of the Polo: How to Style Men's Polo Shirts

Since their introduction polo shirts have become closet staples for almost every modern man. The style first emerged, not in the sport of kings” that it’s named for, but when Seven-time Grand Slam winner René Lacoste was seeking an alternative to the heavy and cumbersome garments that had been the unofficial uniform of the tennis court. In 1926, the tennis legend debuted the first polo shirt at the 1926 U.S. Open, with various other sports quickly following suit. Renowned for its breathable comfort and classic style, the shirt became a hit among polo players, golfers, and those among the fashionable set. Decades later, the iconic buttoned placket and collar still effortlessly exudes both casual street style and upscale fashion. With its ability to go from the bar to the boardroom and the golf course to the clubhouse, the polo is one of the most versatile pieces you can have in your wardrobe. 

Here are some of our favorite ways to style the classic polo.

For The Boardroom 

Pair the polo with a jacket and chinos or trousers. It’s a great (and far less stuffy) option to the classic suit and give your look a modern yet upscale edge. Keep the look elegant with a solid polo pattern and opt for a softer jacket, like linen, that will complement the polo’s style. Finish the look with an elegant wristwatch and leather loafers to add a touch of sophistication. 

The Art of the Polo: How to Style Men's Polo Shirts

For The Course, Court, or Field

When it comes to polos for sporting occasions, comfort and breathability reign supreme. Golfers, polo players, and tennis players want a fabric that protects them from the outside elements but also looks luxurious and stylish enough to go from the green to the clubhouse. Opt for 100% merino wool in an ultra-light gauge knit for unmatched breathability, and an ultra-soft feel that is ideal for outdoor activities and all-season wear. 

The Art of the Polo: How to Style Men's Polo Shirts - Golf Polo

For The Special Occasion

Channel 1950s Hollywood style by pairing one of our merino wool polos with tapered trousers and an elegant yet casual jacket. Veer away from leaving your polo untucked, as this will give you a messy, unkempt appearance. Instead, keep it causal yet polished by tucking it in and finishing the look with white sneakers, loafers, or boat shoes.  For a super personalized and classy touch, finish it off with your favorite scarf

The Art of the Polo: How to Style Men's Polo Shirts

For The Casual Night Out

Think of the polo as a classier, dressier version of of the classic tee and you’ll have a myriad of casual outfits that can rotate. Khaki shorts, your favorite canvas kicks, aviators, and a polo make for a perfect daytime aesthetic, while dark denim jeans or a pair of white pants (perfect for beach chic vibes) elevate your look for a sharper and more classic style. Throw on a leather jacket during cooler temperatures for an effortless layered look. 

The Art of the Polo: How to Style Men's Polo Shirts

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