At Romeo we love cotton! It's our go-to fiber for many of our designs, so what better way to honor this amazing material than by giving you an inside look into its unique characteristics?

What is special about cotton ?

Cotton is one of the most important natural fibers used in fashion and textiles, and its popularity has only grown in recent years. Cotton is highly durable and provides an incredibly soft feel to clothes, making it a favorite among designers, garment makers, and consumers alike. It is also extremely versatile; depending on the type of cotton used, it can be lightweight or heavy, as well as more breathable or more protective against wind and rain. Not only does cotton offer great comfort for clothing items, but it also provides good insulation for bedding and other household textiles. In addition to its practical uses, cotton carries a certain level of prestige; wearing items made from luxury cottons like Egyptian or Pima can create an impression of quality and luxury. Furthermore, when sustainably sourced, cotton production supports millions of people around the world by providing jobs in farming, manufacturing and trading. All these qualities combine to make cotton a clear choice for those looking for dependable textile products with a lasting impact.

Facts about Cotton

• Cotton is one of the oldest crops in history, with evidence of its cultivation as far back as 3600 BC.

• Cotton is natural and renewable resource that does not need much water or other resources to grow.

• Over 25 million people are employed directly in cotton production around the world.

• Unlike many synthetic fabrics, cotton clothing can last for years and still retain its quality.

• Cotton is biodegradable, making it an environmentally friendly choice over synthetic materials.

Where does 100% Cotton come from ?

For high-quality garments, 100% cotton fabric is an essential ingredient. It might surprise you to find out that the majority of the world's supply originates from warm climates like India, Egypt and China where its flowers are harvested for production. Southern regions of The United States also contribute their share!

What is the highest quality cotton in the world ?

Pima cotton is often touted as the world's finest - and it lives up to its name. The extra-long staple makes this ultra soft yet robust fabric luxuriously smooth, resistant to fraying, tearing, pilling wrinkles and fading - delivering a truly premium experience!

Wondering if cotton can break down in the environment?

Cotton is one of the most eco-friendly fabrics out there, capable of completely breaking down in as little time as a week to five months. So if you're aiming for sustainability and zero waste, cotton may be your go-to fabric!

Why do people love cotton ?

100% cotton shirts have many great benefits that make them a top choice for everyday wear. Thanks to their softness and absorbency, they can keep you comfortable all day long by controlling any moisture while keeping it breathable with no sweat-soaked discomfort!