Merino Wool


All of our products in the Romeo Merino Collection are made of 100% merino wool, ensuring that every item from the Romeo Merino line is as high-performance as it is high-fashion.



Breathable and Insulating

Merino wool fibers naturally adapt to the outside elements, giving them the unique ability to help stabilize body temperature, no matter the conditions. During cooler seasons, the fabric insulates and keeps you warm. On hotter days, it transports sweat from the skin and releases humidity to help keep you cool and dry. With merino wool, every piece is a year-round staple, providing one of the best investment pieces for any wardrobe.





Wrinkle and Pilling Resistant

Merino wool is naturally wrinkle resistant, ensuring that you always look polished with minimal effort. Perfect for traveling and busy schedules, it’s as convenient as it is stylish. Additionally, the long fibers are naturally pill resistant. With inferior fabrics, pilling quickly ages clothes. However, merino wool ensures that your pieces stay flawless for years to come.

Ultra Soft Feel & Sun Protection

While many associate wool with heavy materials and scratchy textures, merino wool is super-fine and luxuriously soft. The fabric is so fine that a single fiber is a third of the diameter of an average human hair, giving it an unmatched, lightweight feel. The fibers also block out harmful rays from the sun, providing important UV protection.  




Naturally Antibacterial

With a natural, protective layer, merino wool has a much higher capacity to absorb moisture than any other fiber, making it naturally odor-resistant and anti-bacterial. With merino wool, you can go from day to night with complete confidence.  



Low Maintenance

Unlike many other luxury fabrics, merino wool doesn’t require expensive dry cleaning. The fabric is machine washable and super low maintenance. A gentle machine wash and quick line dry will ensure that your merino wool keeps its original elasticity and color for years to come.