Travel Tips for the Fashionable Man

A gentleman always wants to look polished, even when he’s far from the creature comforts of home. However, the additional time it takes to check a bag and wait for it at the luggage carousel, the annoyance and effort it takes to haul said bag around, and the additional cost for checked bags makes a single carry-on a much more convenient and appealing choice when traveling. An overwhelming amount of luggage is never fun, but either is wishing you had packed your go-to power suit.For the stylish man who’s always on the go, we’ve compiled our top five travel tips for those who want to pack with ease and travel in style. With these tips, convenience meets complete style, as we’ve provided tips to look effortlessly stylish for every occasion, all with a carry on. So get ready to save time, money, and hassle with these quick and easy tips. 

Pack Reusable Items

Pack items and accessories that can stand repeat use. A classic scarf can dress up a classic blazer and also serves as the perfect day time accessory for casual outings. Opt for a neutral color that goes with various styles. For the ultimate all-in-one staple, opt for pieces made from merino wool. Not only is merino wool wrinkle-resistant, which makes it perfect for travel, but it’s naturally antibacterial, meaning you can get repeat uses out of the fabric while still smelling fresh.

Romeo Merino: Travel Tips for the Fashionable Man

Skip the Toiletries

This one may be surprising, but with the TSA hassles of tiny bottle regulations and fears of shampoo leaking all of your aforementioned favorite merino wool items, it’s just easier to leave your toiletries at home. Unless you have a holy grail brand and product you can’t live without, just pop into a local drug store and get your toiletries for the trip onsite.
Romeo Merino: Travel Tips for the Fashionable Man

Roll With It

Save valuable space by tightly rolling your clothes instead of folding them. This will not only allow you to bring more options, but it will also help reduce wrinkles. For the ultimate time saver, roll predetermined outfits together for easy mornings when you’re on the go.
Romeo Merino: Travel Tips for the Fashionable Man

Pick a Color Palette 

Opt for pieces that can easily mix and match to create numerous looks from the same pieces. A cohesive color palette allows you to plan all your outfits in that specific  color scheme for your trip. Earth tones and neutrals are great staples that can easily be matched to various outfits. We also recommend bringing one set of black pants, one white, and a bold pop of color to pair with the items from your color palette for maximum versatility. This will help minimize the number of items packed while ensuring an always polished look. The same rule applies to shoes, pack just one or two pairs in neutral colors that can be paired with various looks.  
Romeo Merino: Travel Tips for the Fashionable Man
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