The Art of the Layer: Men's Style Tips

When it comes to men’s fashion, layering is the ultimate tool. If you look at the world’s biggest runways and most prestigious men’s fashion shoots, almost every man is rocking a layered outfit and that’s because it’s one of the easiest ways to instantly upgrade any look. While some may possess the inherent style and wherewithal to throw together an outfit and channel their inner David Beckham, there are some of us that are slightly more stylistically challenged. This post is for those who need a few go-to outfits to help achieve that effortlessly layered look. With just a few tricks in your arsenal, you can make your closet not only far more versatile by creating multiple looks from a few key staples, but you can instantly go from casual street style to business professional with just a few tweaks. 

Dress Up a Crew Neck: A Crew Neck with a Button-Up

When opting for a sharper look, this is your ultimate go-to combination. Sharp enough for the office (or Zoom call), polished enough for a special night out, and cool enough to hit up the bar with friends, this outfit will instantly up your style game. Opt for a contrasting, lighter button-up with a solid sweater to achieve a perfectly balanced look. If you want to take the look into a casual yet still sharp after-work affair, neatly roll the sleeves of the button-down over the cuffs of the sweater so that the contrasting color or pattern of the shirt cuff is visible. If you want an even more casual look, just bunch the sweater sleeves up a bit to show off the cuff of the shirt. Keep the look smart by ensuring both pieces fit perfectly so the look isn’t frumpy or layered. 

Dress Down a Crew or V-Neck: A Crew or V-Neck Sweater & Your Favorite Tee 

For the perfect street-savvy look, pair your favorite crew neck or v-neck sweater with a casual tee shirt and your favorite pants. Keep it clean and polished by opting for layers in the same color family or always choose a white base layer. Deep tones and bright colors are complemented by white and ensures that your layers aren’t clashing and fighting for attention. 

Dress Up a Cardigan: A V-Cardigan & A Button-Up

Perfect for smart-casual occasions, such as a day in the office, a business lunch, or a cocktail party, a fitted cardigan pairs beautifully over a button-up shirt, trousers, and your favorite dress shoes. Always remember to mindfully pair your color combinations so the pieces complement each other rather than clash and fight for attention. Explore some of our favorite color combinations in our previous blog post here

Dress Down a Cardigan: A V-Cardigan & Your Favorite Tee

The best aspect of the cardigan is it can make you look relaxed, casual, and still polished on the weekends. And with a wide array of colors (from toned-down neutrals to bold, bright colors), you can choose a cardigan that best fits your own personal style and complements your existing wardrobe. Pair your color of choice with a graphic tee, a pair of sneakers, and your favorite jeans for a cutting-edge street look. If you want something slightly more refined, opt for chinos and a solid colored, slim-fit tee. 

Dress Up a Sweater Vest: A Sweater Vest & A Classic Suit or Blazer

Soften the look of a tailored blazer or classic suit while still maintaining its style and formality by swapping out the usual waistcoat for a sweater vest. Far more comfortable and functional, a soft merino wool sweater vest will keep you warmer during the winter months and will provide any suit with a more modern and cozy aesthetic. Just remember to select a fitted piece, so your suit fits perfectly and you avoid looking too bulky. 

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