Style It Like Beckham

David Beckham has become one of those timeless icons who has become a brand unto himself. Known as one of the greatest athletes in history, he’s become as revered for his off-the-field style, swagger, and personality as he has for his talent with a ball. Women want him, men want to be him, and his style is iconic. Whether he’s suiting up in a classic tux for the red carpet or rocking his famous tattoos with a casual and effortlessly cool t-shirt and jeans, Beckham is the absolute epitome of great style. Here are some tips to emulate the soccer legend’s most famous looks:

Beckham Staples & How to Style Them: 

With a versatile wardrobe filled with both tailored pieces, custom tuxes, smart casual sweaters, and leather jackets, Beckham has mastered looks for every occasion. Think navy overcoats, merino wool basics, tailored slacks, slouchy beanies, designer jeans, and a killer leather jacket...

Men's Style Guide: Dress Like David Beckham

Shirts, Outerwear, & Jackets

Opt for solid prints that will always stay in style and can be mixed and matched for versatile closet staples. A classic chambray shirt or luxe full zip sweaters are great options to have on hand for layering over crisp white tees or soft gray henleys. A leather jacket is key for emulating Beckham’s style. Opt for a classic biker jacket with a tailored yet relaxed fit. The perfect street look or outfit for traveling, pair stylish black jeans and a plain white tee with a pair of leather boots and a slouchy merino wool beanie for extra style points. 

Men's Style Guide: Dress Like David Beckham


What lingerie is to women, a quality, tailored suit is to men. Invest in at least one custom three-piece suit to truly level up your style game. Opt for a white contract lapel dinner jacket or a bold sapphire hue if you want to add extra flair, or go for a classic black style that will look elegant for any occasion. If you want to directly copy cat Beckham’s look, choose a sapphire blue suit with a contrasting black lapel and patent black derby shoes.


Beckham is a notorious fan of cable-knit sweaters, often pairing them with classic outerwear pieces, tailored blazers, and designer coats. With inherently polished knits and classic designs, they’re an effortless style choice that tend to look polished with any classic bottoms. If cable-knits aren’t your style opt for a classic crew or simple v-neck in navy (one of Beckham’s favorite winter colors). Give the look a bit of edge with a herringbone cap or Beckham’s signature beanie

Men's Style Guide: Dress Like David Beckham 

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