Men’s Style Bible: 5 Fail-Safe Tips for Dressing Well in The New Year

With the new year ahead of us, it’s a great time to up your style game. Contrary to popular opinion, style doesn’t have to be stressful, and it doesn’t have to take a significant amount of your time (or a hefty portion of your bank account). All it takes is a few helpful tips and key investment items that will have you looking sharp with minimal effort. We’ve compiled a quick style bible to help you effortlessly impress in the new year:

Layers Are Your Friends

Pair practicality with style with the art of the layer. Not only will layers help you survive the winter chill, but they provide an instant upgrade to any wardrobe. Whether you want to pull off casual street style or a formal, more refined look, properly styled layers will make you look instantly more polished. Define up-down dressing with your favorite pair of jeans and a worn-in tee topped it off with a classic crew neck for a casual happy hour outing. Think a suit can’t get more stylish? Pair it with a sweater vest and your favorite button-down to channel your inner James Bond. 

Invest in a V-Neck

With a timeless, flattering cut and incredible versatility, a well-made v-neck sweater is a key staple of every well-dressed man’s wardrobe. It’s one of those classic pieces that looks good on every man, and it’s a perfect complement to any outfit. Unlike many other men’s styles, it’s a piece that looks good on everyone, from twenty-year-olds to older gentlemen, to every single body type, and even better, it can make your wardrobe far more versatile with its ability to mix and match with different pieces. Invest in a luxury material like merino wool for the ultimate piece that will not only make you look instantly expensive but will be an all-weather staple that you can wear year-round.

Fit is Key

We cannot stress this enough. The proper fit is the most important element to looking sharp. You can wear the world’s most expensive suit or a pair of designer jeans, but if it’s a poor fit, that’s all people will notice. Ensure that your clothes fit your body properly, from your neck to your inseam. The proper fit should be close enough that it’s tailored but not so tight that it’s unflattering.  

Understand Colors (and how to style them)

Bold splashes of color can provide an instant upgrade to any wardrobe. While timeless classics and simple styles are cornerstones of any gentleman’s closet, key colors can amp up your style game and help you stand out amongst a crowd. Neutral staples in black, white, and gray are fail-safe pieces that will always have you looking sharp, but colored accents can take any outfit to the next level. However, knowing how to wear colors without feeling too flashy or over the top can be intimidating, causing many to skip the colors altogether. To bring a little color into your closet, simply remember the cardinal rule: it’s all about balance. For example, to best rock a bright, bold red, balance it with neutral hues, dark colors, or clean white pieces. This will help counteract the tone so it’s more of a pop of color rather than an overwhelming assault on the eyes. Blue and brown are naturally complementary contrasting colors. It’s an understated look that always gives an instantly polished aesthetic, and it’s a combination that is flattering for any complexion. For a more formal look, pair a rich chocolate hue with a deep navy accent, such as our Blue Peacoat cardigan vest. If you want a more casual style, a pale blue, like our v-neck sweater in Sky Blue, looks casual chic with a pair of khaki chinos. 

Wrinkles Are The Enemy

Nothing screams sloppy and immature louder than wrinkled clothing. Learn how to iron or invest in a proper steamer. For the easiest option, invest in merino wool, which is naturally pilling and wrinkle-resistant.

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